About PMC Webinars

About PMC Webinars

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At the individual project level, we’ll show Project Managers:

  • How to create and configure a project workspace with our built in project site template
  • Efficient and consistent management of project tasks
  • How to effectively communicate with your project resources/team
  • Effective issue management within your project
  • How to easily collaborate on project documents with your entire team
  • An easy way to manage ideas, thoughts, or concerns surrounding your project through threaded discussions

At the individual project level, we’ll show Project Team Members:

  • How to easily identify and update all tasks, issues, and risks that have been assigned to you
  • How to stay on top of upcoming meetings and events for a project

At the top level project management site, we’ll show Project Managers

  • How to view aggregated summary portfolio information for all project sites centrally
  • How to update Gantt View Data to properly see project schedules
  • Best practices and tips for managing project groups and users

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