How to use the Installation/Setup program to install a single WSP

How to use the Installation/Setup program to install a single WSP

Options for Installing

Sometimes it may be necessary to re-install part of a Bamboo product component because it’s installation failed during your initial attempt. Rather than re-installing an entire component, you can install a single feature manually (see Manually_Install using stsadm or Manually install using PowerShell) or you can use the Installation/Setup program.

To use the program, follow these steps:

Step Description
1. Locate the installation files for the Bamboo product. See About the Installation Files for more information.
2. Locate the folder for the solution you wish to install. For example, in the screen shot below, you can choose to install Bamboo.Telerik.Config.wsp.
Double click to open the folder.
3. In the WSP folder, double click the Setup.exe file in the folder to start the installation. The installation process will start.
wsp folder contents.png
4. telerik installation screen 1.png
The installation process is a step-by-step wizard. Follow the instructions in each step. Click Next when ready to proceed to the next step.

Choose to repair, remove, or install. The various options may be grayed depending on the situation. When installing for the first time, this step is replaced with the display of the Bamboo End User License Agreement (EULA).

If you are re-installing as part of troubleshooting, it is best to choose Remove All first and then run the installation again to install new. When you re-install, you will have the option to pick Web Applications. However, if you choose to Upgrade/Repair Existing and Install New, the new deployment will occur only on web applications where the solution was previously deployed.
telerik remove all.png

NOTE: When you choose Upgrade/Repair Existing and Install New, the upgrade will occur for the web applications selected during the initial install. If you want the solution to be deployed to another web application, you can choose to Remove All first and then re-install. A new install will ask which web applications to deploy to. You can also deploy to another web application via Central Admin after the upgrade is completed. See Deploying a Bamboo solution to a new Web Application for more information.