Manually Activating Bamboo Web Parts

Manually Activating Bamboo Web Parts

Product feature activations can be done automatically at the site collection level when the product is installed. There are several reasons why you may need to manually activate (or deactivate) Bamboo product features:

  • You opted out of automatic feature activation during installation.
  • You add a new site collection and want to add Bamboo features to it.
  • You want to remove Bamboo product features from an existing site collection.

To manually activate (or deactivate) Bamboo product features, follow the instructions below.

From the Site Actions menu select Site Settings

The Site Settings page opens with a variety of links.

Click on the link labeled “Site Collection Features**

NOTE: Only Site Collection Administrators can see the Site Collection Administration section in Site Settings. Site Collection Administrators are assigned in SharePoint Central Administration on the SharePoint server. If you are not a site collection administrator, but you have Full Control permission on your site, you will see Site Features on the Site Settings page. But that should not be confused with “Site Collection Features” where a site collection administrator has more control over your site collection as a whole.

The page opens showing active and inactive products; if you have many Bamboo products, you can go through each and click the Activate button to activate the product for the entire site collection. In the example below, one of our product features has not been activated and once the site admin clicks the Activate button, the product feature will be available within the site collection.


You only have to do this once; unless another site collection administrator changes the feature setting to Deactivated, your products remain activated from now on. Once the feature is activated, the button appears to the right of the feature description; your button will reflect the color scheme of your site.