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Take email alerts and alert management to a new level by providing a supplemental alert mechanism which provides both users and administrators with the ultimate in flexibility in terms of how alerts are generated, who to whom they're sent, and how they're managed across Sites and Site Collections. With our alerts management tools, you’ll save time, minimize unnecessary traffic, and keep projects on track.


Calendars in SharePoint offer a critical tool to maintain your schedules, but even with Outlook integration, the out-of-the-box SharePoint calendar experience presents a number of limitations. From visually communicating important deadlines to coordinating a team schedule, Bamboo offers a wide array of powerful, cost effective calendaring components.

Data Management

SharePoint is built on the concept of storing data and sharing information. Bamboo’s data management tools allow you to capitalize on this concept by giving users the ability to group, filter, and sort data as well as export created views to Microsoft Excel. Whether you need to quickly display data from a SharePoint list or library without having to create special data views or print a user friendly version of data in a consolidated view, we have the tools you need to save time and get results.

Knowledge Management

Create a virtual warehouse of published, expert-certified corporate knowledge in the form of articles that are grouped by categories and searchable based on associated metadata with Bamboo’s knowledge management tools. Our solutions provide robust, multi-functional resources with invaluable features such as the ability to acquire knowledge without extensive, costly training as well as search a centralized repository for faster Q&A resolution.

List Enhancements

Empower SharePoint lists and extend the capabilities of the columns in SharePoint Lists to add features such as format validation, security, or column dependency with Bamboo’s wide range of products for lists, forms, and columns. Our list management tools allow you to better shape your information around your business processes and needs.


Bamboo Suites and Toolkits are specifically designed to meet the most urgent needs of real-world SharePoint users such as managing projects, structuring and accessing corporate knowledge, and extending your lists' capabilities without requiring Form Libraries and InfoPath. Our Suites and Toolkits are pre-packaged and ready to deploy and can help you complete specific business critical operations such as project management, password management and community management.

Project Management

Measure project performance, track deliverable completion, visually communicate project status, and efficiently communicate with geographically diverse team members to deliver projects on time and on schedule with Bamboo's multifaceted project management tools.

User and Site Administration

Delegate and streamline the execution of common IT tasks on SharePoint with Bamboo’s full range of tools for password, user, and site management. Our Web Parts and toolkits make it easy to simplify and offload the execution of common tasks like password changes and site creation which provides faster results for end users and unburdens IT resources.

Visual Presentation

Real-time reporting brings your data up to speed and your best arguments to life. Whether you're monitoring key performance indicators, or building the ultimate top-level dashboard for company performance, Bamboo’s visual presentation tools provide an incredible range of visual functionality you simply can't get with out of the box SharePoint. Our robust collection of visualization tools are designed to plug directly into your SharePoint environment so that you can start creating visually dynamic, interactive charts as well as powerful geographic maps in an instant.


Bamboo's Workflow Conductor™ Workflow Conductor is a simple, yet powerful, solution for creating and managing custom workflows in SharePoint. When Workflow Conductor is installed, SharePoint users with the Design permission level can create and deploy custom workflows using Workflow Conductor Studio.