About Time Tracking Modes

About Time Tracking Modes

Time Tracking and Management site can be configured several ways. All modes provide the same basic functionality:

  • The TTM site allows timesheet users (resources) to track their time, including time spent on individual tasks.
  • Timesheet managers approve timesheets.
  • The Report Center reports resource use, cost information (when available), and timesheet status.

Time Tracking Mode

For basic TTM configuration, configure timesheet reporting periods, select the data sources for timesheet tasks, and add resources. After you add tasks, resources can start to enter time in timesheets and Timesheet Managers can approve time.

For a list of required and optional steps for configuring time tracking, see the Time Tracking Configuration Checklist

Cost Tracking Mode

When cost tracking is enabled, costs can be calculated for work entered for timesheet tasks. Cost tracking is an additional feature that can be added after time tracking is configured.

For a list of steps required to configure cost tracking, see the Cost Tracking Configuration Checklist

Project Management Central (PMC) Integration Mode

If you have Bamboo Project Management Central, your TTM site can use resources from the PM Central Enterprise Resource Pool (ERP) and timesheets can automatically include tasks assigned to a resource in PM Central projects. PM Central integration is available with both time tracking and cost tracking modes.