Bamboo Alerts Administrator

Bamboo Alerts Administrator


Alerts Administrator is a SharePoint feature and is installed as a solution through the SharePoint Installer. The Alerts Administrator feature is activated or deactivated at the Web Application level in SharePoint Central Administration on the SharePoint server.

Following activation, the Alerts Administrator console is available on all Site Collections within the Web Application from the Site Actions/Sites drop down menu.

SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013
Access_2007.png Access_2010.png Access_2013.png

Users with Full Control permissions to a site will also be able to access the Alerts Administrator console from the Site Administration section of Site Settings.

SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 & 2013
Alerts_Admin_SiteSettings_2007.png HW39_SiteSettings_2010.png

NOTE: Only Site Administrators can see the Site Administration section in Site Settings. Site Administrators are users who have directly been granted Full Control, or belong to a group with this permission level.