Add Attachment Widget

Add Attachment Widget

The Add Attachment widget attaches a file to a SharePoint List item.

Widget Properties:

Column Description
Get Item From Select whether the file being attached to a SharePoint List item will be found in a SharePoint Document Library or will be found using a Web address (URL).
Select from Document Library (Required if Get Item From=Document Library)

Select an item from a Document Library that will be attached to a SharePoint List item.

NOTE: Lookups to a SharePoint List instead of a Library will not work.

Item URL (Required if Get Item From=Web Address) Enter the full Web address (including the file extension) of the file being attached. This URL can be defined explicitly at design time, or dynamically at run time by using a Lookup.
Attach Item To

Select the SharePoint List item to which the previously selected item will be added as an attachment.

NOTE: The file can only be added as an attachment to a SharePoint List item, not to an item in a SharePoint Document Library.

Click Apply to save the widget settings.

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