Add columns to a PM Central Portfolio data view

Add columns to a PM Central Portfolio data view


You want to add a SharePoint Choice column, Project Location, to the Project Health list and make the contents of this column visible in the Project Summary dashboard on the Portfolio home page.

Default columns displayed in the Project Summary dashboard

In this topic we will look at the steps required to accomplish this objective.

Keep in mind:

  • Creating the new column as a site column will allow the column to be managed from a central location and ensure consistency when the column is added to other lists.

  • Only SharePoint or Bamboo Solutions columns can be supported as new columns in PM Central lists.

  • It is strongly
    recommended that you review the customization guide before making any changes to the out-of-the-box PM Central application.
A. Add the column to the list

Project Site

Create the new column directly in the designated list


Create the column as a site column, then add the site column to the designated list

1. Keep the Add to all contents types checkbox selected if it is displayed when adding or creating the column.
2. The new column should be added to a project site that will be maintained solely for the purpose of creating your organizations customized PM Central project site template


Portfolio Site

Add or create the same column in the same list on the Portfolio site.

NOTE: The column added to the list in the Portfolio site column must match the column added to the list on the Project level

B. Add the new column to the list rollup
4. From the Portfolio site navigate to the Site Contents Access Site Contents; 2010 vs 2013
5. Access the PMCentralPages document library and click the ListRollupSchemaDesigner link. You will be taken to the Web Part page.

Locate the rollup schema you need to modify and access the schema’s edit screen by:

Clicking the rollup’s Title link


Selecting Edit Schema from the drop-down menu

1. Each of the portfolio site’s data views is configured to reference a specific list rollup
2. All Project Health rollups are located on Page 2 of the schema designer.

Edit the desired “destination” web part to identify the name of the referenced List Rollup Schema.

List Rollup Schema Designer
7. Click the Select Columns button Select Columns button
8. Add the new column to the Selected Columns box on the right, then click Save Column Selector screen in List Rollup

Click Create/Update Schema at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Clicking Preview will allow you to verify that you can see the desired column content before you save the changed to the rollup.

You will be returned to the home page of the List Rollup Schema Designer.

C. Display the new column in the data view
10. Navigate to the web part that should be modified to display the newly added column and Edit the Web Part

Icon-Tip Make a note of the current column display order so it can be referenced in step 14.

Edit button in the Project Summary menu

NOTE: In this scenario the Project Summary – Active Projects data view, found on the Portfolio home page, will be updated to display the new Project Location column

11. Click the Data Viewer Web Part Settings button Data View configuration tool pane
12 Click Bamboo List Rollup on the left of the screen, then click Load List Rollup Schemas

List Rollup screen in Data Viewer configuration settings

NOTE: If you do not reload the schema the new column will not be available in the next step.

13. From the List Rollup Schema drop-down select the updated rollup, then click the Column Display Settings button. List Rollup screen in Data Viewer configuration settings
14. Check the boxes next to the columns to be displayed and enter the desired display order. Column display settings screen
15. Click Save & Close to exit the pop up. Then click Save & Close again to exit the Data View Configuration Settings screen. You will need to click OK to close the Web Part’s configuration tool page before you will be able to see the changes to the web part’s display.

Project Summary dashboard with the new column