Administration Toolkit

Administration Toolkit

AdminToolkit.pngTake control of your SharePoint environment! As your SharePoint deployment grows, don’t get bogged down with the cost and bottlenecks that come with using limited, out of the box tools. Below find a complete list of products included with your Bamboo Administration Toolkit.

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Everything about your suite or toolkit, from retrieving your license keys to downloading products included in the suite or toolkit, can be managed through My Bamboo. All Bamboo Toolkit products are license-protected and must be activated for use on each Web front-end server beyond the initial trial period. This requires the installation of the Toolkit License and Bamboo Web License Manager. Once you have installed these components, all products included in your Bamboo Toolkit can be activated using a single license key.

This section provides instructions for the following required steps:

To get started, log in to My Bamboo using the account information provided by your Bamboo Account Manager when you purchased your suite or toolkit. Until the license package is installed, the suite or toolkit will not appear in the Bamboo Web License Manager in SharePoint Central Administration.

Suite/Toolkit Installation and Licensing



Icon-Tip No need to license each product! All of the products within your toolkit are licensed through your Suite or Toolkit License. When you are ready to install a product that is part of your suite or toolkit, use the links below to open the product landing page where you can follow the instructions under each section to Install, Configure and Work With each specific product(s) that are included in your suite or toolkit.

NOTE: The web parts included in the Toolkit require installation; however, installation can occur before OR after license activation of the Toolkit, Suite, or Library.

Listed below are the specific products included in Administration Toolkit:

Alerts Administrator
Site Creation Plus
User Account Setup
User Directory
User Profile Plus
User Profile Sync
User Manager for Sites
User Registration Accelerator
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