An Error Appears When You Try to License Your List Search Pack

An Error Appears When You Try to License Your List Search Pack


You try to license your List Search Web Part and get this error:

license error message.png


There are two Bamboo Search Web Parts, List Search Simple and List Search Advanced. It is possible to purchase them separately, or in a pack. They may also appear in your Web License Manager if you have purchased/installed PM Central or Time Tracking and Management.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: If you purchase the search web part(s) individually, you will have a license key for each web part, for each WFE Server on your farm. If you purchased the pack, you will have one license key for the pack, for each WFE Server.

packs and indiv products.pngThe red activation error shown above appears when you try to activate the List Search Pack under the Suites and Packs section of Web License Manager when the license key is for an individual web part.

To resolve the issue, you should license the individual web part. Please look under the Individual Products section of Web License Manager for List Search Simple Web Part or Advanced Search Web Part, and you will be able to activate the individual product successfully.