An error occurred while parsing EntityName

An error occurred while parsing EntityName

When you see errors on the World Clock and Weather web part, the first thing to look at is the error verbiage. You will see this particular error when something has changed to prevent your server from accessing the Internet:

**Error Message:

 **CreateListLocation:: : An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 26, position 61.

World Clock and Weather needs to access the following external web service at either:

  • https//

If your server is unable to access the Internet, you will not see the weather appear in your web part that is on your page.

NOTE: As of 11 December 2014, we began seeing issues with the weather feeds.

We released a patch to correct some of our code that syncs with the weather feeds. You can download the patch from our store here. This patch contains the following builds:

Both the MSN and Yahoo weather feeds are now working correctly in all three versions. If you continue having issues, be certain that you have the most recent versions on your site:

  • SP2007 (R2.4.54)
  • SP2010 (R2.4.58 – File Version 20.4.58)
  • SP2013 (R2.4.66.2013 – File Version