Ask a Question Page in Knowledge Base

Ask a Question Page in Knowledge Base

How to Use the KB Client Site

The Ask a Question page allows end users to submit questions to Knowledge Base Administrators, who can then review the questions and respond to them.

To submit a question:

Step Action Result
1. From the KB Client site, click Ask a Question Ask.jpg
2. Fill out the form with a short subject and some text in the body that clearly states the information you are seeking. Check the box if you are asking for feedback from others. Leave the “Answered” box unchecked until you get an answer. Click the Need KB box if you also want an article written to add to the Knowledge Base. Include you e-mail address and user name. Form.jpg
3. Click Submit Question. The question gets submitted to the Knowledge Base Administrators through the Pending Questions section in the KB Admin site. The Knowledge Base Administrator can e-mail the reply to the question directly to the user from this section.

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