Automatically Subscribe Authors to Email Alerts

Automatically Subscribe Authors to Email Alerts

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EnableAutoEmail.pngEnabling Automatically Subscribe Authors to Email Alerts allows users to receive email notifications each time there is activity in a discussion thread. Users can also request that notifications are sent immediately after new posts, or in a scheduled summary email.

To enable this option, you must perform two steps: enable the feature in the forum settings and configure the outgoing email settings.

1. Enable the Auto Subscribe Feature in Forum Settings

  1. Click the Forum Settings icon on the List tab of the ribbon.

  2. Select the checkbox to enable “Automatically subscribe authors to email alerts on their topics” to send email alerts to the associated author address.

2. Configuring Outgoing Email Settings

From the Central Administration > Site Settings > Configure email settings page, enter the required email settings:

  • Outbound SMTP server
  • From address
  • Reply-to address
  • Character set

NOTE: For detailed instructions on configuring email settings go to this Microsoft TechNet article.