Call Web Service

Call Web Service

The Call Web Service widget allows a workflow to call a SOAP Web service and store the XML response from the service in a workflow variable.

You can also use this widget to create custom calls to SOAP Web services. Note: This feature is intended for advanced users who fully understand and have permission to edit the target Web service.

Widget Properties:

Column Description
Web Service Method (Required)

This property opens a form that allows you to define the connection and properties for the Web service. The properties below can be defined on this form:

  • URL: Enter the URL of a SOAP Web service.
  • Username/Password: If the SOAP Web service requires a login to access any or all methods, enter it here. Any login information you enter is stored with the widget and used any time the workflow runs.
  • Web Service Method: After you enter a URL, click the Get Methods button to retrieve a list of methods the Web service supports. Select a method for the widget to use.
  • Services: Select Call SOAP Service to request data using available methods published by the Web service, or select Edit SOAP Service to build your own XML request to submit to the Web service.
  • Call SOAP Service: A list of parameters required by the Web service is displayed. Enter any required values, either explicitly or by using a lookup. You can test the XML response for explicit values by clicking the Test button at the bottom of the form.

    NOTE: The Test function will not work for lookup values, since lookups are performed only when the workflow runs.

  • Edit SOAP Service: Enter a Content type, SOAP Action, and XML SOAP Request to send to the Web service. The SOAP Action you enter may override any Web Service Method you selected.
  • Filter Result XML Tags: By default, the widget returns the entire XML response from the Web service. If you want to return only a specific tag within the response, enter a tag or list of tags in this field. If you enter a list of tags, the contents of the last tag in the list is returned.
Save To Variable (Required) Select a workflow variable with a Text data type to store the results from the Web service call. Create variables in the Workflow Settings tab in the settings pane, or click the Create new variable link next to the variable list.
Run As This widget can run with the permissions of the workflow initiator, the workflow designer, or another user. Select the option in the Run As property that best matches your requirement. For more information, see the Common Widget Properties topic.
Click Apply to save the widget settings.

Example Using Call Web Service Widget

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