Change the Site Skin of PM Central sites

Change the Site Skin of PM Central sites

Overview of Portfolio PMC Control Panel Overview of PM Central General Settings

PM Central includes a variety of skins that can be applied to change the color scheme and style of sites, providing an easy way to customize the appearance of PM Central sites without manually modifying master pages and style sheets.

Step Description
1. Image: PM Central Control Panel link in the Central Actions menuFrom the site where you want to change the skin go to Central Actions > PM Central Control Panel

Under PM Central General Settings, click Change SkinChange skins link in the PM Central Control Panel

NOTE: You must have Full Control permissions on the site to complete this action.


From the PM Central Site Skins web part select the skin you want to use and click Apply. A preview of the skins provided is available here.

NOTE: The screen shot below shows the skins that are available for the Portfolio and Department sites.

The five skins available at the Portfolio site

The Mega Menu skin options were added in PMC. 4.2.