Compare Widget

Compare Widget

The Compare widget compares two or more values and stores the result (True or False) in a workflow variable.

sa08LimitationIcon.jpg Widget Limitations:

When entering a compare condition to match values in SharePoint Person or Group or Choice columns configured to allow multiple values, enter the matching value in the format listed below:

  • Person or Group columns: User1;User2

    NOTE: There is no space after the semicolon for the match condition, even though SharePoint displays one in the actual column value.

  • Choice columns: Value1, Value2

    NOTE: The space after the comma is required.

The values must be listed in the same order as they appear in the SharePoint column. For example: If the condition is listed as User1;User2 or Value1, Value2, SharePoint column values entered as User2; User1 or Value2, Value1 will not match.

Widget Properties:

Step Action Result
1. Click the sa08EllipsisIcon.jpg button to define the comparison values and criteria:

Compare Item (Required):

  • Value 1/Value 2: Enter two values to compare. You can enter values explicitly or define them using lookups.
  • Operator: Select from the list of available comparison operators. Available operators will vary depending on the field types being compared:
    • is equal to
    • is not equal to
    • is greater than
    • is less than
    • is greater than or equal to
    • is less than or equal to
    • begins with
    • contains

Save to Variable (Required): Select a workflow variable with a Boolean data type to store the comparison results. The variable will be set to True or False. Create variables in the Workflow Settings tab in the settings pane, or click the Create new variable link next to the variable list.

2. Click Apply to save the widget settings.

Example of Using Compare Widget

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