Complementary Products for Data Viewer

Complementary Products for Data Viewer

sharepointsolutions.pngYou will find many of our products complement each other quite nicely saving you the time and trouble to write custom code. With Bamboo at the heart of your SharePoint investment, you gain access to a huge catalog of enhancements, components, and accessories that add the critical functionality your business requires.

The same components can be easily used in future applications and they all come from a single, trusted vendor, ensuring an easy purchase process and support you can count on. That’s the Bamboo Way!

At a glance, quickly view project statuses with Bamboo KPI Column. Use customizable status icons to visually indicate whether a project is on track, at risk, or under or over budget.


With List Rollup, display multiple lists and/or libraries in a single view based on existing List Rollup Schemas or List Rollup Data views. Lists and Libraries can either be selected individually or auto-discovered by using the List Rollup Schema Designer web part.


Color-code task statuses or display a color-coded or percent-based progress bar to provide a visually pleasing glance of project tasks with Bamboo Visual Indicator.


KPI Column
List Rollup
Visual Indicator

We feature Calendar Plus and List Rollup in our Improve Workplace Collaboration with SharePoint Webinar.

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