Add or remove columns from TTM’s Timesheet Entry display

Add or remove columns from TTM’s Timesheet Entry display

TTM Configuration Overview Timesheet Entry Configuration

TTMTimeEntryColumns.pngWhen configuring the Timesheet Entry Web Part in Time Tracking and Management (TTM) you will be able to select the columns that will visible to users in their timesheets.

Keep in mind:

  • Configuration settings will apply to all users

  • The Tasks Comments field cannot be hidden

  • Information on using the Timesheet Entry Web Part is available here

To modify columns in the Timesheet Entry data display:

NOTE: The following steps require you to have accessed the Timesheet Entry Configuration Settings screens by clicking the Timesheet Entry Web Part Settings button in the Web Part’s configuration tool pane.

Action Result
1. From the Timesheet Entry configuration screen, click the Column Display Configuration button under Column Display Settings in the navigation tool pane. Image of the Navigation Pane The configuration screen will be displayed on the right side of the pop-up window
Column configuration screen

# Description
1 All columns are checked by default. Uncheck the columns that you do not want displayed in the web part.

Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: You will not be able to uncheck the Cost Code column if cost validation is enabled.

2 The Column Alias is the display name that will appear in the web part.

Information on creating the column alias is available here

3 Identify the order in which columns should be displayed and the default column width in pixels

Icon-TipUsers will be able to dynamically adjust column width at runtime.

4 By default all tasks that occur in the given timesheet period are displayed under the appropriate project name header.
Check the box to collapse tasks under the project header.

Check to include the Resource ID associated with the user in the Timesheet Resources list in the web part header.

Resource ID is an optional field in the Timesheet Resources list.
2. The Resource ID field is not available if you are using a PMC Enterprise Resource Pool as the resource data source.


Configuration tool paneYou have now configured the columns displayed in the Timesheet Entry Web Part.

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TTM Configuration Overview Timesheet Entry Configuration