Configure PM Central Department sites

Configure PM Central Department sites

Getting Started with PM Central Create a PM Central Department Site

Department sites allow project managers and administrators to view, track and manage a subset of the portfolio’s projects according to specific filtering criteria that you provide.

PMC_Dept_Hierarchy.pngWhen working with Department sites keep in mind:

  • Department sites will not display project information until a project site has been created that meets the filter criteria defined.

  • Department sites will be filtered by columns associated with the Project Health list

  • By default, you can only filter on values found in specific columns of the Project Health list (see image below). For information on how to filter a department site using the contents of a custom column added to the Project Health list click here

To configure a PM Central Department site

Step Action

Click the Configuration settings link that is available on the home page of the department siteConfiguration Message

NOTE: Configuration Settings can also be accessed from the PM Central Control Panel on the department site.


Use the drop down selectors to specify the filter criteria for the department site.
The Bamboo Project Site Filtering Settings Web Part.  By default, only the Project Name, Project Start Date, Project End Date, % Complete, Project Manager, Project Type, Project Status and Project Department columns are available for filtering

Icon-WarningImportant: Only the Project Health list columns shown above will be available by default in the Column drop-down selector. Information on how to add custom columns to the drop-down is available here

NOTE: The available operators may vary based on the type of column selected.

3. Click OK
Project Filter Web Part after the filter was applied
The Summary list timer job, which runs every 59 minutes by default, will continually update the List Rollup filters to ensure the contents of the department site are an accurate reflection of the specified filter.

Getting Started with PM Central Create a PM Central Department Site