Configure Display Options

Configure Display Options

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The following options are available to customize the display of Mini-Calendar:
HW22_2010_CalendarOptions.jpg Mini View is a medium-sized calendar
Micro View is a tiny calendar
Year View displays only the months of the year
If you select the Year View calendar view, Display Today in Year View will display the text Today is [current day and date] at the bottom of the calendar.

Make your choice as to which calendar display you prefer and then choose the other options as described below:

Step Action Result
1. Asynchronous Mode Asynchronous Mode allows other elements of the SharePoint page to be displayed before Mini-Calendar finishes loading. If this option is enabled, the page will load first, followed by the Web Part. If this option is not enabled, the SharePoint page will not be displayed until Mini-Calendar data finishes loading.
2. Maximum items to display per day in calendar This setting defines the number of items that will be displayed in the tooltip when you hover over a date in Mini-Calendar.
3. Select Style Sheet:
  • If Default CSS is selected, Mini-Calendar will use the master page CSS to define the color and style of the web part.

  • Click Custom CSS to define a custom CSS for the Mini-Calendar Web Part.

    For more information about customizing the Mini-Calendar Web Part CSS, see the section CSS for Mini Calendar.

4. Enter calendar width This setting allows you to shrink Mini-Calendar views further by defining a fixed pixel width. Use this setting instead of the Height and Width settings in the Web Part tool pane Appearance section to prevent scroll bars.