Configure the Bamboo Lookup Selector

Configure the Bamboo Lookup Selector

Bamboo Lookup Selectors are added to a list just like the standard column types included with SharePoint.

To add a Bamboo Lookup Selector column to a SharePoint List by doing the following:

Step Action Result

Add the column to a list

  • From the list, click List located in the List Tools tab.
  • From the List toolbar, click Create Column located in the Manage Views section.
2. Name the column.
3. From the Create Column screen that appears, select the Bamboo Lookup Selector option. HW41AB010.jpg
4. Additional Column Settings Enter the URL of the site that contains the list to be referenced by the new column in the Source Site URL field.
5. Click the green arrow to access the site, and update the Source List drop-down.
6. Select a list from the Source List drop-down menu.
7. From the Display Column drop-down menu, select a column from the Source List. The Lookup Selector column will populate the new drop-down with these values. HW41AB011.jpg
8. To enable users to make more than one selection, select the Allow multiple values option.
9. To create a dependency between this column and another one, select the Make this a dependent column checkbox. Once the checkbox is selected, new options will display. HW41AB012.jpg
10. Which column in this List triggers a change in the Display Column Select a column from the current list; the value entered into this field by the user will determine what values appear in the Lookup Selector itself.
11. Which column in the Source List determines the values to filter on Select a column from the Source List; this value is used to determine which values from the source list corresponds with the user-entered value in the current list.
12. Click OK. The column is now added to your list.