Configure the KB Answer Questions Web Part

Configure the KB Answer Questions Web Part

Knowledge Base Overview

Follow the directions below to open and configure the Answer Questions Web Part.

Step Action Result
1. From the Quick Launch bar, click the Q & A link. 1.png
2. Edit the Web Part: Click the arrow located next to the web part title bar and select Edit Web Part; or use the ribbon to edit the page and then edit the web part.
3. Select a Question and Answer List: 3.png
This is preconfigured to point to the Bamboo Article Questions and Answers discussion board list.
4. Select a Configuration List: 2.jpg
This is also preconfigured and points to the Bamboo KB Configuration List.
5. Select Picture Library: 3.jpg
This is preconfigured to point to the KB Picture Library. This setting allows you to include images in your response to the end user and/or the discussion board. These images can be inserted directly into your response and no longer have to be uploaded to a Picture Library before you can reference them.
6. Select Default Question View: 6.png
Select the default view for questions. The other views will be available via the Answer Questions navigation menu.
7. Use SMTP Secure Authenticated Connection:

Check this box and the other options become visible so you can enter the credentials for SMTP authentication.

  • User ID: Enter in the user ID.
  • Password: Enter in the password for the user ID.
  • Port: Enter in the port number.
8. Records per Page: 7.jpg
Enter the number of questions you want to display at a time in the KB Answer Questions web part.
9. Select a Language: 8.jpg
Select this option to set the language used on the user interface of this Web Part.
See Localizing Bamboo Products for more information.
10. Click Apply and then OK to save your changes.