Configure the PM Central Resource Reports

Configure the PM Central Resource Reports

Overview of Portfolio PMC Control Panel Overview of Portfolio Resource Center

The following configuration options are available for PM Central Resource Reports.

Option 1: Generate resource reports using the System Account:
By default, all resource reports are security trimmed so users with access to the Resource Center will only see resource information pertaining to projects they have permissions to access.

PM Central provides the option of displaying reports generated for the System Account, providing a comprehensive, portfolio-wide, reports to all users with access to the Report Center.
The Report Settings feature was added in PM Central 4.3

Step Action
1. From the portfolio site’s PM Central Control Panel, click the Report Center Settings linkReport Settings link in the PMC Control Panel
2. Check the Report Settings check box Resource Center Settings screen

Option 2. Configure the reports to “Run Now”
This option removes the wait time associated with the default report generation method by referencing content from List Rollup rather than the Report Information list.

Run Now is a configuration option associated with the following reports on the Portfolio and Department sites:

  • All Allocations
  • By Resource
  • By Project
  • By Project Department
  • Allocation by Manager
  • Resource Availability
  • By Department
  • Risk Chart (accessed from the Risks tab)

    Icon-WarningImportant: This option can result in page time out errors.

Step Action
1. Navigate to the report page Run Now checkbox
2. Edit the Report web part
3. Click the Run Now checkbox and Save.