Configuring the Grant Project Site

Configuring the Grant Project Site

Configuring Grants Management

Grant Title and Description

Although the project site contains the normal SharePoint title bar, you can also display the grant’s title and provide more descriptive text about the grant within the web part at the top of the project site. When you create a site, by default it is labeled “Grant Title and Description” but this is easily changed within the web part.

Step Action Result
1. Use the ribbon to edit the page. Edit.jpg
2. Edit Grant Title and Description web part and enter the title and description. ModifyTitleDescription.jpg

Use the ribbon to format the text in the content section, as desired.

As an option, you could link to a text file that already contains text about the project; just enter a URL in the tool pane under Content Link in the web part tool pane.

Modify within the content editor:ModifyDescriptiveText.jpg
Enter a URL to a text file about the project:

Modify the Logo

Follow the same process you conducted to modify the logo on the master site.