Configuring the Group Email mail service

Configuring the Group Email mail service

Overview of Group Email configuration toolpane

You have two options when determining the mail service that will be used by the Group Email web part: Use Mail Client or Use SMTP.

Use Mail Client

When you select the Use Mail Client option, no additional configuration is required in the web part. Group Email will utilize your existing mail client for message delivery.


The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service is used by SharePoint to send user alerts on items, etc.

Step Action Result
1. From the Group Email configuration tool pane scroll to find the Use Mail Client and Use SMTP radio buttons By default Use SMTP is selected
2. Remove the default text and enter the SMTP Server Name and the Notification email that will be used for sending the outbound notifications.

Keep in Mind:
Information on the SMTP server name can be found on Central Administrations Outgoing email settings page
Image of Central Administration

Image of fields exposed when Use SMTP is selected
3. If the server has been configured to use SMTP Authentication, check the Use SMTP Secure Authenticated Connection box Additional fields will be displayed in the form
Image of Additional fields shown when use secure SMTP is selected: User ID, Password, Port