Configuring TTM Report Center Permissions

Configuring TTM Report Center Permissions

TTM Configuration Overview Time Tracking Checklist

Time Tracking and Management (TTM) provides a number of predefined reports that can be accessed from the TTM Report Center, via the links in the TTM Control Panel list or from the left navigation/quick launch. In order to generate and veiw these reports in the Report Center, users need to have been explicitly granted permission to the Report Center.

Keep in mind:

  • Access to the Report Center is granted to users who are members of the following groups:

    • Owners
    • Report Center Administrators
    • Report Center Members
  • Users with Design permissions will not see the Report Center link in the TTM Control Panel

  • Any user with the Contribute permission level or above can access the Report Center page, however, they will not be able to see any options or data.

Add users to the TTM report groups

Add Users to the Report Center groups

Site Permissions pageClick the link in the Time Tracking configuration checklist,
Navigate to SharePoint’s Site Permissions page

NOTE: Accessing Site Permissions requires you to have Full Control permission the TTM site.


Add the users to the Report Center group:

Group Permissions
Report Center Administrators

Users in this group have Full Control of the site and will therefore be able to:

Report Center full control

  • view the Report Center
  • see the configuration checklist links
    in the quick launch
  • access the Time Tracking and Management Control Panel

    1.This group the same permissions as the Owners group. It can be used when you want to maintain site inheritance and provide TTM administrative permissions to users who are not in the Owners group.
    2.The Report Center Administrators group was added in TTM 2.0

Report Center Member

Members in this group have contribute permissions on the site and will also be able to:

Report Center Members

  • view the Report Center

By comparison, users who have contribute permissions to the site, but are not members of the Report Center Members group will get this error when they click the View Reports link in the quick launch.

Access Denied error

TTM Configuration Overview Time Tracking Checklist