Confirmation E-mail Settings

Confirmation E-mail Settings

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These settings affect the automated system email that is sent out when an account creation request has been made. An automated e-mail is sent to the submitted e-mail address by User Registration Accelerator twice during the registration process.

The first email contains a link, and is used to confirm the authenticity of the submitted address.
The second email confirms that an account has been successfully created, and contains login information for the new account. The content of these emails can be adjusted from the tool pane in this section and on the Account Approval E-mail Settings section as well.

Step Action Result
1. E-Mail Subject The subject of the email sent to the address making the account creation request.
2. E-Mail Message Enter the contents of the message.

NOTE: You can modify the email in any way (formatting, text, images, tables, etc.) you see fit. However, the Confirmation E-mail must contain the {Confirm URL} token somewhere in the message, as this will create the link users must click in order to confirm their address and finish the account creation process. You will also notice that the Account Approval E-mail has similar tokens for {NewUserName} and {NewPassword}. It is recommended that you use these, but it is not required.