Create a customized PM Central site template

Create a customized PM Central site template

Creating a project site template allows you to reuse sites that have already been configured and/or “lightly” customized to help ensure standardization across project sites, and reduce administrative overhead.

When creating a customized PM Central project template keep in mind:

  • When a newer version of PM Central is installed your existing PM Central sites will be updated, but your customized template, stored as a .wsp file in the Solutions gallery, will not get updated.

  • We strongly recommend that the project site that is modified in the steps below for the purpose of creating the project template be maintained strictly for the purpose of creating future templates.

How to create a template:

Step Action
1. Create a new PM Central project site

Configure the project site to meet your business requirement. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Completing the sites configuration checklist

  • Modifying the site’s welcome message

  • Defining the structure of the site’s document library

  • Adding new columns to existing lists

  • Creating new lists

Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended that you review the PM Central customization guidelines before making changes to the out-of-the-box PM Central application.

3. Select Site Settings from the Site Actions drop down menu on the project site
4. Click Save Site as Template
5. Enter a File Name and a Template Name
Save as template screen
6. Select the checkbox to Include Content and click OK
7. Recommended:
Verify that the project status in the Project Health list is not Active and enter text in the Project Name field to advise that the site should not be deleted e.g., Project Template Site – DO NOT DELETE.

Access the Create new Site page
Navigate to the PM Central Portfolio Site and click the
Create New Project… button on the Portfolio home page


From the Central Actions drop down menu, click Add New Project

9. Edit the page and access the Bamboo Site Creation Plus configuration tool pane
Web part drop-down menu

Select the new template from the Site Template drop down selector.
Site Template drop-down selector

NOTE: The drop-down will display all templates available in the Site Collection


From the Allow user to select the list of site templates below selector box, add the newly created project site template to the list of available site templates on the right.
Available template selector boxes

NOTE: It is recommended that the Bamboo PM Central – Custom Template – With Sample Data be removed from the available site templates selection in production environments.

12. Click Save.
You will need to stop editing the page to see the changes in the Bamboo Site Creation Plus web part. Additional information on how to configure Site Creation Plus is available here.