Create an In/Out Schedule Board Site

Create an In/Out Schedule Board Site

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NewSite.jpgAfter In/Out Schedule Board and corresponding site template are installed, you can create a Schedule Board site by using the site template.

NOTE: Even if you plan to use the My Status web part separately on an existing site, you still need to create a new site based on the Schedule Board site template to store the necessary data.

You will need to log in as a user with the rights to create sites from the top level of your site collection.

From the Site Contents menu of your top-level site, select “New Subsite

Step Action
1. Fill in the Title & Description fields to give your site a name.
2. Label your site with a short URL name (we recommend no spaces or punctuation).

Click the Custom tab to select from the available Custom templates; there are two In and Out options. What is the difference?

  • A Schedule Board site that is created using the User Info Mode will hold all of the users in the SharePoint User Info List; in other words, all of the users that have permission to your site.
  • A Schedule Board site created from a separate Contacts list will only contain the users who are in that list. You can always add or remove users to or from the list later.
4. Click Create – The site will now be created. In a few moments, once the site has been created, your browser will load it, and you can start configuring the web parts on the site.

Congratulations! The new In/Out Schedule Board site is now ready to configure.