Create Cost Codes for TTM

Create Cost Codes for TTM

TTM Control Panel Cost Tracking Checklist

Icon A cost code is a short code assigned to timesheet tasks that can be used to bill work for that task to the correct department, cost center, accounting code, or other unique cost identifier.

Keep in mind:

  • When a cost code is assigned to a resource in the resource list, it is available in the Cost Codes column of the timesheet and can be selected for timesheet tasks.

  • Cost Codes are required if you enable cost tracking but are optional if you are using Time Tracking and Management (TTM) for time tracking only.

  • You can restrict access to the Cost Tracking list by using SharePoint permissions.
    More information on permissions in TTM is available here

To items to the TTM Cost Codes list:

Links from the TTM Control PanelAccess the Cost Codes list from the link in the Cost Tracking configuration checklist,


from the Update Cost Codes link in the TTM Control Panel

Accessing the TTM Control Panel requires you to have Full Control or Design permissions on the TTM site.

# Function
Cost Code form
1. Enter the Cost Code into the Title field that will be displayed to users in the Timesheeet Entry web part if Cost Tracking is enabled.
Using Cost codes

Enter an optional description.

NOTE: Text entered into this field is only visible from the Cost Code List

3. Optionally, enter a Fiscal Year to help track cost codes over time
4. Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to exit without saving.

Icon-Tip To mark this item as complete in the Cost Configuration Checklist, click Mark as Complete
More information on using the checklist is available here

TTM Control Panel Cost Tracking Checklist