Create Group Redirect Rules Criteria

Create Group Redirect Rules Criteria

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Rules Criteria determine exactly who is redirected, and where they’re redirected to. You can create as many criteria as you need.

Step Action Result
1. Under the Redirect Rules Criteria section of the tool pane, select Is or Not from the left-most drop down box to determine whether the rule includes or excludes the criteria you will select.


NOTE: If you plan on using AD groups in any of your rules, you’ll need to establish an Active Directory connection, as explained in the previous section.

2. From the next drop down box, select SP Group or AD Group to apply the rule on either a SharePoint or Active Directory group, respectively.
3. From the right-most drop down box, select the group to apply the rule to.

This drop down will automatically populate with SharePoint or Active Directory groups once you’ve made a connection (described in the previous section) and finished Step 2.

When selecting an Active Directory group, type the first letter of the group you want to add to display all groups that begin with that letter, as pictured here.

4. Enter the destination URL in the Redirect to field. At this point, you now have a functioning set of criteria. However, criteria can also use AND/OR logic, enabling you to apply them to multiple groups or users who belong to a specific combination of groups.

To add another group to the rule :

Click Add More Groups. An AND/OR dropdown appears next to the current rule, and a new rule appears below it.

Fill out the new rule’s fields just as you did for the first one, and select a logic type. Choose And to apply the redirect only to users who match both rules; choose Or to apply the redirect to users who match either rule. If necessary, you can continue to add groups to the rule and modify them in this way.

To create an entirely separate rule, click the Add More Criteria button located below the current rule.

  • Note that if you have created more than one set of criteria, Delete Criteria will appear next to Add More Criteria. To remove an entire set, click Delete Criteria.