Create Item Widget

Create Item Widget

The Create Item widget adds a new item to a list or library with field values defined in the widget properties.

Widget Properties:

Column Description
Item (Required)

Click the Icon-Ellipsis button to select properties for the new item:

  • Site Collection/Site/List Target: To create an item in a list in the current site, select a list in the List Target box. To create an item in a list in another site or site collection, make the desired selections in the Site Collection and Site boxes and then select a List Target.

  • Item Fields:

    • Available fields in the list or library are added to the form when you select a List Target. Required list fields (marked with a red asterisk *) are automatically selected.
    • To specify a value for a field, check the box in front of the field name and enter a value using one of the following methods:

      • Choose a field value (for Choice and Yes/No fields)
      • Enter text in the field text box
      • Add a lookup using the Add Lookup icon (Icon-Search)
    • To remove a field from the list of fields to populate, uncheck the checkbox in front of the field name.

    • Use Record Variable: If you want to create an item using data from a Record variable instead of specifying values for each field, check the Use Record Variable box and select an available Record variable. Important notes about Record variables:
    • Record variables contain a single record (row) from the results of a Query Database widget.
    • Columns in the list will be populated with data from the record field with the same name. If your database field names do not match SharePoint column names, use SELECT field AS column.
    • If a column in the list has no matching field in the record, it will be skipped. If the column has a default value configured in SharePoint, the column will be populated with that default value.
    • If a field in the record has no matching column in the list, it will be skipped.
    • If the required SharePoint column Title or Name has no matching field in the record, it will be populated with data from the first field in the record.
    • If other required columns in the list have no matching fields in the record, they will be left blank in the list.
  • Overwrite an existing item: Check this box to overwrite an item with the same Name, if one exists in the List Target. This option is available only for libraries.

Save Item ID to Variable (Required) Select a workflow variable with a Text data type to store the new item ID. Create variables in the Workflow Settings tab in the settings pane, or click the Create new variable link next to the variable list. The item ID variable can be used later in your workflow to reference the item you just created.
Run As This widget can run with the permissions of the workflow initiator, the workflow designer, or another user. Select the option in the Run As property that best matches your requirement. For more information, see the General Widget Properties section.
Click Apply to save the widget settings.

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