Create new SharePoint Alerts with Alerts Administrator

Create new SharePoint Alerts with Alerts Administrator

Overview of Alerts Administrator display

With Alerts Administrator alerts can easily be created for one or more users, on one or more alert items, in a single step.

Step Action Result
1. To create new alerts click the Add button found at the top of the console
The page will refresh with a view of every object on the current site that qualifies for an alert, organized by category.
Clicking the Category bar allows you to reverse the alphabetical order of the categories and objects within them.

The categories can be ungrouped simply by removing the Category header from the blue grouping bar. Ungrouped items will be displayed in Alphabetical order.


Place a check next to one of more of the items for which you want to create alerts.

NOTE: The selected items must be on the same display page

You may be given the option of adding alerts to specific items in the list.
If you click the Select Item link the page will refresh and display a list of all the individual items associated with the alert object.

NOTE: If you click the Select Item link, any prior selections of lists, libraries, etc. on the display page will be lost.


NOTE: You cannot select more than one item on this screen

3. Click the Next button found at the top of the page.

The standard SharePoint New Alert page will render. The properties available in this screen will depend on the type of List, Library, Discussion Board, etc, selected in the previous screen. Alerts_Admin_SPPage.png

1. If you selected multiple alert items, only the common properties between the selected objects will be displayed and you will not be able to enter an alert title. The alert items name will be used for the alert title.
2. Alerts cannot be created for SharePoint groups.

4. Configure the alert(s) as desired and click OK You will be returned to the Alerts Administrator home page.

Overview of Alerts Administrator display