Create SharePoint Group Widget

Create SharePoint Group Widget

The Create SharePoint Group widget creates a SharePoint group for any site in any site collection in the current Web application.

NOTE: Creating a SharePoint group requires the Create Groups site permission in SharePoint. If it is possible that the workflow initiator will not have this permission, use the Run As property to run the widget as another user with the required permission.

Widget Properties:

Column Description
Group Settings (Required)

Click the Icon-Ellipsis button to specify the configuration settings for the new SharePoint group:

  • Site Collection and Site (Required): Select the site collection and site where the group will be created.
  • Name (Required): Type a name for the new group or enter a lookup to a name using the Add Lookup icon (Check User Icon).
  • About Me: Enter a description for the group or enter a lookup to a description using the Add Lookup icon.
  • Group Owner (Required): A group owner manages group membership and group settings. Enter a user or group who will be the owner for the new group using one of the following methods:

    • Type a SharePoint or Active Directory display name or account name for a user or group and click the Check User icon (Icon-Checkmark).
    • Click the Lookup User icon (Icon-UserLookup) to search for a SharePoint or Active Directory user or group in the User Lookup form.
    • Enter a lookup to user or group data using the Add Lookup button (Button-AddLookup) in the User Lookup form.
  • Group Permissions: Choose the permissions that users who belong to the new group will have on the site. If you do not choose any permissions, the group will be created but will have no access to the site.

Run As

This widget can run with the permissions of the workflow initiator, the workflow designer, or another user. Select the option in the Run As property that best matches your requirement.

NOTE: If you want to run as another user, you must be able to enter the user name and password for that user.

Click Apply to save the widget settings.

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