Create the KB Client Site

Create the KB Client Site

Knowledge Base Overview

The KB Client site enables end users to search for articles and content; print or e-mail articles or export them to PDF; submit questions to Knowledge Base Administrators; rate and comment on articles; view the most popular and recently added articles; and more.

Step Action Result
1. Navigate to the top site in the site collection where you want to create the KB Client.
2. Select Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Administration > Sites and workspaces. In SharePoint 2013, navigate to your Create menu and select + new subsite.
3. Enter a Title, an optional Description and a URL name in the Web Site Address container for your site. Title.jpg

Under Template Selection > Custom

Select Bamboo KB Client Site Template R2.

5. Choose your permissions and navigation.


NOTE: If you select Use same permissions as parent site, one set of user permissions is shared by both sites. Consequently, you cannot change user permissions on your new site unless you are an administrator of this parent site.

6. Click Create. Creating.jpg
When your site is created, SharePoint opens up your new site, which you need to begin configuring:

After you create the KB Client Site, Create the KB Admin Site.

Note: The default configuration requires that the KB Admin Site be a sub-site to the KB Client Site. If you select an alternative configuration, read Configuring the KB Client Site for information on configuring the KB Client site.