CSS for Navigators Tabstrip

CSS for Navigators Tabstrip

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1. Within the Style library under the BambooSolutions folder, you will find the Navigators folder. Navigate to Menu folder > Skins > Customskin and you will see a file and a folder: the folder contains images and the file is the CSS file that you want to modify.


NOTE: If you are not comfortable with modifying CSS files, make a copy of it on your desktop in case you make too many changes that you may want to roll back to later. Also when you are happy with your changes, make a copy of your CSS file and keep in a safe spot.

2. Add Bamboo Navigator TabStrip web part to the page or the site. If you do not know how to add a web part to a page, follow the instructions here.
3. Configure the tool pane; select Custom Style option. 13015-9.png
4. Download the TabStrip.CustomSkin file and within your CSS text editor or Notepad, make your changes such as the background color of the TabStrip. 13015-10.png
5. Upload the modified file to the Customskin folder. Based on the changes made in the web part as shown below:


  1. The text-color is now red.
  2. The background color of level1 is pink.
  3. The background color of level2 is green.
  4. The background when an item is selected becomes yellow.


Description Change

If you decide not to use the default folder (Customskin), you need to create a new folder Myskin at the same level as the Customskin folder and copy the images file and the CSS file to the Myskin folder. (We are using “Myskin” as an example, but you can call it what you want.)

The Image file name should be called “TreeView” and the CSS file name should be called “TreeView.MySkin”.

Also, if you decide to do this, it is also required that you replace all the names of classes in your CSS file from “Customskin” to “Myskin”. Skins4Tabstrip.png
And it is also required that you change the path to the Myskin folder in the tool pane. TabStripLF.png