CSS for Team Calendar

CSS for Team Calendar

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If you do not want to use one of the preconfigured calendar skins for Team Calendar styles, you can create a custom style sheet with your own settings.

To use a custom style sheet:

  • Change the Select calendar style type setting from Default Calendar Skin to Custom CSS.
  • Click the CSS Edit button to open the style sheet editor. Edit your custom style sheet and click Save.

To go back to using a preconfigured skin, change this setting back to Default Calendar Skin.

When you open the style sheet, most of the items are fairly self-explanatory.

Style Description
Depending on whether you want to change just the top or bottom or either of the sides, you have a variety of options for changing the border width and color. Border.jpg
You can also change the border color for just a year view. BorderYear.jpg
You can change the font style or background color that appears on all even rows. EvenRow.jpg
You can change the font color or the size or font family. font.jpg
Using this section of the style sheet, you can modify the hover text that appears when a user hovers over content. Hover.jpg
You can change the font size or style of the column headings is by updating this section. RowHeader.jpg
And if you want all uneven rows to have a different background color, you can update that in this section. Uneven.jpg