Customize CSS for Password Change

Customize CSS for Password Change

Overview of Password Configuration settings

CustomLayout.jpgIf you want to create unique CSS class names, click Custom layout to enable the Modify Layout button. Should you define custom classes in the layout HTML Editor, they should be also be added to the CSS class definitions in the CSS Edit window; you access it through the Modify CSS button.

ModifyCSS.jpgEach CSS element is listed in the CSS Editor, along with any styles currently defined for it. You can add CSS style attributes as desired to customize how elements are displayed in the web part.

Below is a list of the default CSS classes defined for Password Change:

Item Class Result HW06_CSSEditor.jpg
1. ChangePassWordButtonStyle Defines the height and width of the button.
2. ClearButtonStyle Defines the Clear button height and width.
3. TextBoxControls The text box fields are set by default at 300 pixels wide; this lets you increase or decrease the width.
4. PanelPasswordStrengthMeter

Defines the look and feel of the Password Strength Meter.

NOTE: The Password Strength Meter will always be positioned directly beneath the New Password text field. This cannot be changed.

5. PasswordExpirationMsg Defines the font color of the Password Expiration Message.
6. SuccessfullyChangedMsg Defines the font color of the confirmation message seen after successfully changing a password.
7. FailedToChangeMsg Defines the font color of the failure message seen after an unsuccessful attempt to change a password.