How to Customize Forum Navigation

How to Customize Forum Navigation

SA15_DefaultTopNavForums.pngThe top navigation in a forum site is unique to that site.

The default forum site includes links to the Community Central Home page, the Forums Home page, and the Blogs Home page. Click a navigation link to go to that area of the site.

To customize the top navigation to change link names, add or remove links, and even include links to sites outside Community Central, follow the instructions below.

NOTE: Navigation changes will apply to all forum pages in the forum site but not to other forum sites or the Community Central Home site.

Step Action Result
1. In the forum site home page, go to Settings > Forum Control Panel.
2. In the Forum Site Settings section, click Manage top navigation menu. SA15_ManageForumTopNav.png

Make the desired change to the navigation menu:

To change the name of an existing menu option:

  • Select it.
  • Click Edit Item.
  • Change the Menu Title
  • Click Save.

To change the destination link of an existing menu option:

  • Select it
  • Click Edit Item.
  • Change the URL.
  • Click Save.

To add a new menu option:

  • Click Add new item.
    Enter a Menu Title, URL, and a Sort Order to define where the new item will be displayed in the menu.
  • Click Save.


NOTE: The changes you make to the top navigation menu will be applied immediately to the forum site pages.