De-Activating the Suite/Toolkit License

De-Activating the Suite/Toolkit License

Each Suite License key is valid on a single SharePoint Web front-end server. If you want to move a Suite License from one server to another, you must deactivate the key on one server and activate it on another.

NOTE: If your SharePoint environment is installed on a virtual machine and you revert to a previous version of the VM, you do NOT have to reactivate a license that was activated offline as long as you revert to a version where the same installation of SharePoint is present. You can simply re-enter the activation key you received during the offline activation process. If you reinstall SharePoint on your VM (or if you lost the original activation key), you must deactivate and reactive the license key. If your original SharePoint instance is no longer available to deactivate the license, or if your server does not have Internet access, follow the instructions in Step 5 below for deactivating your license offline.

Step Action Result
1. Open SharePoint Central Administration. Make sure you have the proper access rights to log in.
2. Depending on your platform, do the following:
SharePoint 2007: Click the Operations link. In the Bamboo Solutions Corporation section, click Bamboo Web License Manager.
SharePoint 2010|2013: In the Bamboo Solutions section in Central Administration, click Manage My License Keys.
SharePoint 2013: the Bamboo Solutions section in Central Administration, click Manage My License Keys.
3. In the Bamboo Web License Manager page, expand the Suites and Packs item and click the link for the Suite you purchased.


Click the Status link to display the Activation page for the server you want to deactivate.

4. You can deactivate your license online if your server has an Internet connection, or offline if it does not. Follow the instructions below for whichever applies to your server:
5. To deactivate your license online: In the Activation page, click the Deactivate button.
To deactivate your license offline:

Log in to My Bamboo and click Manage License. Enter the License Key in the Deactivate Your License tool and click the magnifying glass icon to verify your license. After verifying your license, click the Deactivate button. If you do not have your original key, you can find it in My Bamboo.

NOTE: Your Bamboo Suite license key was provided by your Bamboo Account Manager when you purchased the product. For your convenience, the license key is also available in My Bamboo. Log in to My Bamboo and click Toolkits, Suites and Libraries. The keys associated with your original Bamboo Suite order are listed in the Product Licenses section. Each key is valid for a single Web front-end server.

The Suite license has now been deactivated and can be activated on another server or SharePoint installation.