Add Administrative Time Categories in TTM

Add Administrative Time Categories in TTM

TTM Control Panel Time Tracking Checklist

Administrative Time lets you track employee’s categorized non project hours, such as vacation or sick time, or time spent on administrative tasks such as support or maintenance activities in the Time Tracking and Management (TTM) timesheet. Each category can be set to display by default under the Administrative Time project header on user’s timesheets.

When working with TTM Administrative Time, keep in mind:

  • Admin tasks in Timesheet Entry displayThe Timesheet Entry Web Part is configured by default to reference the Administrative Time list that is created with the TTM site. This list contains the following default items:

    • Administrative
    • Sick
    • Vacation
  • You can configure the Web Part to use a custom list, rather than the default Administrative Time list.

  • Adding new Administrative Time categories is an optional item in the Time Tracking configuration checklist

  • You can restrict access to the Administrative Time list by using SharePoint permissions.
    More information on permissions in TTM is available here

To add Administrative Time categories:

Step Action
1. Site Contents links
From the TTM site, access Site Contents


use the direct link in the Time Tracking configuration checklist

2. Access the Administrative Time list.

Administrative Time List view


Click the Add new item link and populate the available fields:

Column Name Description
Title Enter a title that will be displayed for the task in the Timesheet Entry display
Status Leave the default value of Open. This field is reserved for future use.
Always Display
  • This Yes/No checkbox is selected by default and will show the item on all current and future timesheets
    • To stop displaying the item in current and future timesheets, uncheck this option.
Billing Category
  • Select a billing category for the item from the choice drop down selector.
    • This value will be displayed in the Billing Category column in the timesheet.
Work Type

Choose whether time entered for this item is working time or time spent away from work (nonworking).

For example: “Training” might be working time, but “Vacation” would be nonworking time.

Project Name
  • Enter a project name in the text field to group this task under on the timesheet.
    • The default tasks use the project name Administrative Tasks.

      Icon-Tip Pay attention to spelling as you enter the project name

Planned Work
  • To budget a specific number of time for this item, enter the planned work in hours.
    • If an item is assigned to a specific resource, enter the number of hours allocated for that resource to work on the task.
    • If the item is available for all resources (not assigned), you can enter the total number of hours budgeted for the task the entire time it will be available.

      For example: If your company allows only 500 hours per year to be charged to an “Overhead” category, you could enter 500 hours of planned work. Timesheet managers will be able to see the budgeted hours decrease throughout the year as they approve timesheets that include hours for the “Overhead” task.

Assigned To
  • Leave this field blank if the Administrative Time item can be used by all resources.
  • If the item should only be displayed on the timesheet for a specific resource(s), enter the resource name(s) in this field.
  • When the Yes/No checkbox is selected, users will be able to select a cost code for the item on their timesheets.
  • The labor rates associated with the cost code in the Cost Tracking list will be used to calculate cost.

NOTE: You can track the costs for administrative tasks when TTM is in standalone mode, and when TTM is integrated with Project Management Central

4. Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to exit without saving.

Icon-Tip To mark this item as complete in the Time Tracking Configuration Checklist, click the Mark as Complete button for the item.
More information on using the checklist is available here

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