Display a Message on a SharePoint Page

Display a Message on a SharePoint Page

Overview of Password Expiration settings

This topic describes how to use Password Expiration properly. It is assumed that the web part is properly installed, added to the desired page and the Active Directory Settings and SharePoint Settings options are configured.

Note: When the Password Expiration is installed, the Bamboo Password Expiration Reminder Web Part is added to the Web Part Gallery.

Step Action Result
1. To configure the Active Directory Settings and SharePoint Settings options, follow the steps described in each topic linked above.

Expand the Password Expiration Rules option. Fill in the following sections:

  • Redirect Page URL: the user is automatically redirected to this URL.
  • Grace period: if the password of the currently logged in account expires in fewer days than specified in the Grace period, the currently logged in user is redirected to a different page based on the Web Part configuration.
3. Next, select the Display message in the Web Part option. Upon selecting this option, a rich text box appears as shown here:

The information given in this text box is displayed to the user when their password expires within the specified grace period. The display message can include images, links, bullets, and text.

Optionally, you can modify the content by directly editing the HTML. Select the Edit HTML Source action icon from the rich text box menu options. Password Expiration also provides three optional variables that can be displayed in the message:

  • [Name] displays the Full Name of the current login account based on the SharePoint profile
  • [Days] displays the number of days until the current login account password expires
  • [URL] displays the URL specified in the Redirect Page URL setting
4. Click Apply, then click OK. hw23017_2013.jpg

NOTE: After successfully updating Password Expiration, the currently logged in user will see the message defined if their password expires within the specified grace period. If the user’s password does not expire within the defined grace period, no text is displayed.

Bamboo Solutions recommends setting the Web Part’s Chrome Type in the Web Part Tool Pane under the Appearance option to None for improved user experience. Additionally, Bamboo Solutions recommends the purchase and integration of Password Change to meet the needs of robust password change management.