Downloading and Extracting the Toolkit License Package

Downloading and Extracting the Toolkit License Package

The Toolkit License package for your version of SharePoint is available in My Bamboo.

To download and extract your license package:

Step Action
1. Log in to My Bamboo using the information provided when you purchased your Bamboo Toolkit.

Click Toolkits, Suites and Libraries.
In the Product Licenses section, click the name of the product that corresponds to the Bamboo Toolkit you want to install. This will load the information related to that order into the other sections (i.e., License Packages and Related Files, Individual Product Installation Packages) on the page.

In the screen shot below, the only option is the Password Management Toolkit for 2010. It is possible that you may have several toolkits listed.

MyOrders-Toolkits tab.png

3. In the License Packages and Related Files section, click the Download link (MB-download link.jpg) for the License package and save the file to a folder on a WFE server in your SharePoint farm where the SharePoint 2010/2013 Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application service (or the SharePoint 2007 Windows SharePoint Services Web Application service if you are using WSSv3/MOSS) is running. This file is a self-extracting executable that contains the installation files for the license package.
4. For information about installing the Toolkit License Package, see Install the License Package for your Bamboo Toolkit.