Echo Test Widget

Echo Test Widget

The Echo Test widget is provided for troubleshooting purposes, and would not usually be used as part of a production workflow. The Echo Test widget writes the current value of all workflow variables and any data entered in the other widget properties to the file <drive>:WindowsTempBambooSolutionsConductorEchoWidgetBamboo.Conductor_Echo_%workflowinstanceID%.log.

If there is an e-mail address in the Email Trace To property, the widget will send the information contained in this file to the e-mail recipient.

Widget Properties:

Column Description
Send Email To

Enter a destination e-mail address for the Echo Test widget results using one of the following methods:

  • Type a display name or account name for a SharePoint or Active Directory user or SharePoint group* and click the Check User icon (sa08checkuserbutton.png).
  • Click the Lookup User icon (sa08userlookupbutton.jpg) to search for a SharePoint or Active Directory user or SharePoint group* in the User Lookup form.
  • Enter a lookup to e-mail address, user, or group* data using the Add Lookup button (sa08AddLookupButton.jpg) ) in the User Lookup form.
  • Type an e-mail address (

NOTE: Groups will be expanded to send an e-mail to each user in the group.

Other Properties Values specified for any other property in this widget will simply be echoed in the e-mail body. The Test Text, Test Rich Text, Test Subject Line, and Test Lookup properties all support lookups, and can be used to include current lookup values in the trace e-mail.

Example of Echo Test Widget

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