Edit an existing List Rollup Schema

Edit an existing List Rollup Schema

Overview of the List Rollup Web Parts

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: It is not possible to change the Aggregation Service of a List Rollup Schema after it has been saved for the first time.

Step Action

HW24_2010_ListofSchemasWithEdit cropped.jpgTo edit an existing schema, click on the schema name in the Title column or choose Edit Schema from the item edit menu.

The Schema Configuration page will be displayed.


If needed, add another list to the Included Lists area.

NOTE: If you remove the master list, you will need to reconfigure everything in the schema.

3. Easily add or remove columns by clicking Select Column.
4. Modify the filter by clicking Define a Filter.
5. Modify the repeating items settings, if aggregating events, by clicking Define Recurrence.
6. Modify or add to the list of excluded lists by clicking Excluded Lists.

Modify the name or description of the schema by clicking Schema Settings.

NOTE: If you change the name of the schema, web parts that use the schema data will be broken. Be sure to change those references and resolve the errors.

Overview of the List Rollup Web Parts