Enabling Additional Video Options

Enabling Additional Video Options

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Discussion Board Plus allows users to insert video into threads using the From Embed Video option. In addition, if you install Video Library (sold separately) and enable Bamboo Video Feature for Discussion Board Plus, three other options to insert video become available to users:

  • Selecting a video from your Video Library
  • Uploading a video from your computer
  • Linking a video from another page


You must perform two steps before you can use the three additional video options in Discussion Board Plus threads:

Step Action Result
1. Activate the Bamboo Media Upload feature, which allows authors to insert and play videos in discussion board posts. Activate.png
Find this option in the Manage site features in the Site Actions section of your site.
2. Verify Video Library is installed and activated in the same site collection as Discussion Board Plus. Follow the Video Library Installation instructions to install and Activation instructions to activate Video Library.