Determine the Labor Rates that will be used in TTM

Determine the Labor Rates that will be used in TTM

TTM Control Panel Cost Tracking Checklist

CostTrackingChecklistIcon.pngWhen cost tracking has been enabled for Time Tracking and Management the resulting cost calculations reference the Cost Tracking list to determine what labor rates should be associated with selected cost codes.

Keep in mind:

  • You can restrict access to the Cost Tracking list by using SharePoint permissions. More information on permissions in TTM is available here
  • If you configured cost tracking options to obtain labor rates from PM Central, the rates in the Cost Tracking list only apply when the cost code is assigned to tasks from the Administrative Time list
    • The labor rate used for all other tasks will be the Standard Rate for the assigned resource in the PM Central Enterprise Resource Pool. For more information, see Configuring Cost Tracking for PM Central.

To create or update labor rated in the Cost Tracking list:

Links from the TTM Control PanelAccess the Cost Tracking list from the Update Labor Rates link in the Cost Tracking configuration checklist,


in the TTM Control Panel

Accessing the TTM Control Panel requires you to have Full Control or Design permissions on the TTM site.

# Function
Cost Tracking form
1. Select an existing cost code from the Cost Codes list. You should add one Cost Tracking list entry for each cost code in the Cost Code list for which you want to track costs.
2. The Billable check box is selected by default and is required if you will define a Billing Rate for work.

Error message

3. Enter the cost code rate for internal cost calculations. Companies may use an internal rate if they want to track internal cost vs. the cost billed to customers.
4. Enter the Billable Rate associated with the cost code that will be used for billable cost calculations.

Select a rate type that describes who should use this cost code. This designation is useful for managers when mapping cost codes to resources or if exported timesheet data is used to generate reports based on rate type.

Global: A rate type used by any individual, resource group, or role (e.g. Joan Harris, Engineering Department, project manager)

Individual: A rate type used by individuals (e.g. Joan Harris or Michael Scott)

Role: A rate type used by individuals with specific roles or skill sets (e.g. project manager or developer)

6. Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to exit without saving.

Icon-Tip To mark this item as complete in the Cost Configuration Checklist, click Mark as Complete
More information on using the checklist is available here.

TTM Control Panel Cost Tracking Checklist