Conditional Formatting options in Data-Viewer

Conditional Formatting options in Data-Viewer

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There are three available Color Scopes you can use when formatting data displayed in the Data-Viewer. If desired, you can mix the scopes if you have multiple rules defined.

Keep in mind:

  • Conditional formatting can be applied to both Parent and Nested data sets

  • If you are using Data Viewer 3.6 or earlier you will need to reset the formatting column(s) if the Column Display Settings screen is accessed after formatting rules have been defined.

NOTE: Resetting the conditional formatting column(s) is not required if you are using Data-Viewer 3.7. To find out what version you are using, click here

Color Scope options:

Color Scope drop downTo apply conditional formatting, click the Conditional Formatting button under Data Analysis.

This requires you to have accessed the Data-Viewer Settings screens by clicking the Data Viewer Web Part Settings button in the web parts configuration tool pane.

Option Configuration & Result
Text Configuration:
configured format example.png

example of format nested cropped.png

format by cell2.png

format by cell2 result.png

Icon-Tip If you are going to format the cell, use a background color as shown above and pick a corresponding foreground color (text color) and style for the text so it is easy to read. Only the cells for the selected column will be formatted.


row format2.png

row format example.png

Icon-Tip If you are going to format the row, use a background color and not necessarily a text color or style. Text formatting (i.e., foreground color, style, font) will affect only the column identified in the rule (Task Status in the example above), while the background color will impact all columns displayed in the row. Be sure the background color selected works with the text of the other columns.

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