Discussion Board Plus Flat View

Discussion Board Plus Flat View

Discussion Board Plus for SharePoint provides a default view for the topic list (Forum view) and two different views for discussion threads. Click on a view name for more details about each view.

Flat view is the default view for Discussion Board Plus discussion threads. This view provides the standard View Properties and Reply features available with out-of-the-box SharePoint discussion boards, as well as the following additional features only available with Discussion Board Plus:

Item Description
Suggest as Answer Users can suggest one or more posts as an answer to the original post. Suggested answers are shaded in blue. For more information, see Using Suggest as Answer and Verify Answer. SA75_2013_Flat.jpg
Verify Answer

Forum moderators can select a suggested answer and mark it as the Verified Answer. Verified Answers are shaded in yellow. There can be only one Verified Answer. A Verified Answer is listed immediately after the original post, no matter when it was originally posted.

NOTE:Suggested Answers and Verified Answers are color-coded in Flat view to help them stand out from the other posts. All posts (except Verified Answers) are listed in descending order by date, with the original post listed at the top.

For details about who can use the features available in this view, see Permissions in Discussion Board Plus.

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