Highlights of Alerts Administrator

Highlights of Alerts Administrator

AlertAdministrator.pngNo more drilling down, site by site, to find and manage user alerts across sites or Site Collections.

Alerts Administrator provides SharePoint Administrators the ability to create, edit, delete, group, and filter alerts for all users of a Site Collection. Administrators can create multiple alerts for one or more users in one step or create an alert for an Active Directory security group. Moreover, all of these tasks are manageable from a single dashboard within the Site Collection. This feature is easily accessible by clicking the Site Actions drop-down menu.

  • Hosting providers can save time and money resolving user requests for creating, deleting, or editing SharePoint alerts within a Web Application by simply grouping alerts by user name.

  • For organizations who want to ensure users are alerted to important and specific corporate information, corporate SharePoint Administrators can easily create multiple alerts for each user (or an Active Directory security group) in one simple step.

  • Department Site Administrators who need to manage user alerts for their department site and all its sub-sites can prevent this task from impacting their productivity by managing SharePoint alerts from one location.